Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mingle of Thoughts.

Been 5 years that I was here last. LOL

   I am still not sure how to add anything to this page. I am so computer illiterate!!

 I am having a lonely depressing marriage still.
 Wonder why I stay around at times.
I love him but we do absolutely Nothing together, and I mean NOTHING!!
 I do not count watching tv doing something together.
 We have no friends and go no where.
 He does things with his work friends I don't know but dislike. LOL

 I want to go back to school, so want to write children's books and wonder
it the one I did write will ever get published.
  I have gone from bold and outgoing, get things done and go for it,
to lactate and uncertain of myself.
 How sad.
 I keep mulling over writing it here~~
but would need help getting the pictures I drew for it put on here.
 Not sure why it matters, this would be read by only me and maybe my
best friend who also has a blog.
 She is wonderful and makes the most beautiful quilts ever.

   I found a Big stack of recipes when moving stuff for my flooring to
go into my kitchen and dinning room.
 Along with ones saved on line.
 Most deserts. Ha figures.
But think I would like to start making them this fall and see if they are
really worthy of being kept, if there good the way they read or if maybe I
can tweak them to my liking. 
 There are so many dishes and terminology I am unfamiliar with.
 Dish's I hear about on Gorden Ramsey's show that I have no idea what they are,
let alone how to cook them.
 I am no chef but not a bad cook.
 I don't know how people cook without a recipe to guide them on specific dish's,
 I forget things and need to do that so nothing is forgot, even my Jambolaya
recipe I put together myself.  

I got my pool cleaned and up and running this week.
 Was ever so careful with my knee messed up.
 Hope to get it resolved this summer.
 Glad it's just my knee and maybe the meniscus which they can help.
 So many people have way worse troubles, or have had such sad things
 happen in there life, loosing loved ones, children, etc..
I am truly blessed.

 Thats it for now myself.
 Count your blessings today.
 Be happy, you did wake up breathing today.  :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Day!

Guess I could say that every day I wake up! :)
I have finished my front yard for winter. It is beautiful. Got my apple tree pruned in the back yard and do hope to get some of it cleaned up back there before cold set's in.
The energy class's I have been in are wonderful. I am enjoying them so much. We learned things to do for the eyes in this past class, but I have yet to get doing them each day. Have other's I am still working in and then we all get busy in dayley life!
My hands from all the yard work are so stiff and sore. I am going to try to focus on them and see if I can help them get better using the energy tip's in Donna Edens book's.
My sciatica is so much better, not need to look into helping the hips more and I should be good to go! :)
I am still not loosing weight, but sure feel like I should be? Odd. I am still 185 lb's (about) so that is better then the 195 I was months ago still. Just wish more would go!
We have our first new couch and push back recliner. Never had new furniture, new to us, but not New! It is wonderful, so comfortable, no more dinning room chairs for me in the living room!
How sweet is that. They took the old broken stuff with them too> Yaaaa

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Energy Life

It has been a busy week.
I have my house all clean and am ready for work tomorrow.
The next Energy Medicine meeting is this Monday the 23rd. So looking forward to it.
Have been faithfully in my morning energy routine and some care.
Doing tea great too, but alas, no elliptical.
My weight is the same, minus those couple pounds still.
My energy is still flowing nice! :) That is great!!
I take off Friday to have a Mother Daughter weekend at my eldest sisters
beach house for a couple day's. This I am Really excited for as it is the only time I get
to get away and have any sort of a vacation. I read and see people going all over the place, camping, flying places and I do not get how they can do it. I am 54 and have not been very far.
Maybe my time will come though! :) There are many people out there who sure have it allot worse then I have now. I am very blessed.
Having my health come back is a big blessing for sure.
The meeting has a vote going on what to learn about next. I put my vote in for eye health and strength. My eyes are shit, would be nice to know something to help them. I keep thinking
of the Lazier eye surgery, but after my September surgery I am not sure I want to go there now.
Glass's hurt my ears so bad and nose and I usually can only see out of them a very short time before a new strength is needed. I can not use contacts as I have a lazy eye and it pope's them out. So we will see.
My youngest girl is having so much trouble with her X boyfriend, the father of our grandson.
We can not afford legal help for her so she is applying for housing help, food, medical and day care for her son which will qualify her for free help in that area. We are quite surprised by he X's irresponsible actions and using his son to get even or what ever. He is proving to be selfish trash who cares little for his Son, as he himself comes first! So sad.
Did you know that if you are not married and have a child that neither of you have custody rights to you child!! You actually have to apply for it. I hope I didn't repeat this already, should have read my last blog! :) Oh well, wise to hear it again! If you did no file for custody at birth, better do so!!
Oh I have a new small book that tells on of the food's that are best for what ever blood type you are! They have a book for each, which I did not know. I have mine for A and will read and check it out!
Well, healthy living and blessings

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have always felt one should have a good sense of humor, be honest as possible and don't hurt
someone, physically or mentally.
When I had my surgery and though I hurt and they had a big time oops during my surgery, I felt it important to wish anyone who came in my room a good morning, to smile and ask how there day was, give a compliment if due. I usually can find something to be amused with, laugh about what happened, make a joke about it or something to laugh myself and hope to get another to smile, laugh, make there day just a bit nicer.
And now, with this new found energy I have tapped into I am amazed and feel I have been given a new positive additive for my life. I am in a better mood, which is quite amazing as I am rarely in a bad one. I am finding more to smile about and enjoy. My brain seems to be working a bit more efficiently as well.
I have been working in my yard again and getting ton's done, it is enjoying it as much as I am I feel. It's been like 2 or 3 years since I have been able to do much, it has been so let go, but if I keep going this way and do what I want on my free day's this yard will be so beautiful and I hope easier to care for once contained and controlled. Heck maybe I will even get to where I want to buy plants again and add them to my yard! :)
My eyes are still clearing and going back, but they look just a bit better in the evening each week, my hope is that in time they will clear.
The ear reflexology is helping ton's now that I am regular with the treatment. I want to learn it, but the lady who teaches it has screwed a lot of people from what I have been told, and there may be legal actions going against her. To bad she has done this, she is very intelligent and knows so much. I pray she gets an enlightenment and realizes what she is and has done and corrects herself. For the good of people who can benefit from more knowing how to do what she does.
I have been doing quite well remembering my "K" tea, drink it most every day so I am happy with that.
I do my energy medicine routine every morning and some core as well.
I have yet to get back on the elliptical, but I am heading outside to work more and my work is very physical as well.
I wish all healthy living and the learning of living a pill free life as much as possible.
Don't just agree with all your doc., tell you! Seems they want to give a pill for everything, then if the pills cause a new symptom, instead of taking you off that pill, they will give you one to help the side effect you got from it and so on.
Try something new, it just may work and if not!
The pill's will still be there.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So far, this title seems to fit. I am not going to get on this every day. I think unless things really get involved there is no need.
I have been doing my Energy Routine now for a couple weeks.
I felt the routine was simple and have already said how it helped my eyes.
Though my eyes have shown little change now, but my energy level has sky rocketed. I can not believe how much I have! It is to say the least unreal. I was totally not expecting it let alone the amount I have. I did better while cleaning and for the first time in a very long time I got in the yard and really worked out there. I did my heavy sweating, but after cooling down, still wanted to get back out there. I got more done in a day then I have in ages.
My sciatica is getting so much better with the ear reflexology, but my hips are sure bothering me, still and I think more really. In one week I go back for my ears again and will let her know to hit them really good. But I think I am going to see about the energy healing I have been reading about, how it says I can try it on myself and see what and if it does anything.
I need to read on how to tame this heat I get. It is so unreal, when they say heat flash, they really mean Heat Flood!! I sweat like someone is holding a pitcher over my head and are pouring water on top. There is that much!!! Luckily it has mostly just been during the day, and usually when I am being physical. I get worm at night, but tossing the covers, the air going, I cool pretty fast, get a bit cold, cover up again and go back to sleep. My hips are waking me frequently, but it is more towards morning now, around 3 or 4 am vs. all night long like it was. So I am getting better I feel. I am pleased I am taking care of this naturally vs. drug's like some I know.
I want to stay as drug free as I can. So many take pill's for what ever ails them, I just do not
want to be one of those elderly who have little box's full of pill's to take every day, a set in the morning, in the after noon and before bed. The heck with that!! I want to be more in charge of my health and help my body to take control and heal or control what happens to it.
I am 54 now and am not on anything, Knock on wood! :) I am drinking my Tea every day, I do my energy routine and some core each day. I take my vitamins only when my body says I need them, and then do so for just a couple/few day's as they really are not good for you to take all the time. If I am hurting ~~ hips, low back~ I will take Ibuprofen for a day or two and that's it.
There are no other pill's I am on. I am so blessed and hope to keep the blessing going here.
I am about done with the book this man wrote about his journey with energy healing and have already started a little in one of the energy medicine books I bought. It is quite fascinating and I feel is going to be the healing medicine wave of the future. I started learning this in the 70's like I said before, and have been cautious and leery picking back up on it with all the new they have learned, but am seeing more positive teaching's of it then ever. Maybe it is just a phase for me, time will tell, but it has gotten my brain going, I am reading each night, I have not done this in years as well. My eyes don't usually let me read for long, but I am doing better with that. My new glass's are for doing bead work, but sure let me see good.
Till my next entry~~~ Blessings

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I could not think of a title for this yet, so I picked one that has to do with what I am learning. It may change, or maybe not!
I started in the late 70's learning of body energy, but was so new back then, the field for it was just opening up in the states. Life really got going for me in the 80's and sort of put a stop to many things for me then. Marriage, kids. Most know how it goes with such happenings.
I started a couple months ago with Reflexology Ear Therapy due to this surgery I had Sep., 2009 that had a Big mishap, accident, an Oops shall we say. Having never really had much health trouble, it was quite the set back for me. I wont go into the surgery to much, but had a large fibroid that took on it's own life, was hooked to the top of my uterus and using fingers so to speak to attach to all sort's of places inside. The scope surgery was not going to work due to it's shape and size. They had to cut me open, luckily they ~ by my request ~ cut me vertical vs. horizontal pulling my muscles out of the way instead of cutting them.
But at some point my bowls were cut and the surgery took on a whole new world.
I ended up with infection pockets a week after, I blew open in the front at home, letting one pocket almost empty, if they had not gone in vertically pulling my muscles to the sides vs. cutting them, this pocket would have been the end of me. But sense they did, the muscles were weak and was able to let it flow out on it's own. I still had 6 more in me, which they put me on 3 different kinds of antibiotics for. They never saw such work so fast an anyone ever before. That was nice. The whole thing was way more dangerous then I knew then. After a few months I was still having bad bladder pain when going, but could tell it was on the outside of it, I did have blood in my urine for a time, they don't know why, all looked OK inside it. But it stopped on it's own.
The surgery set off my sciatica horribly, which later I was told is common.
Why don't they tell you this before? The bladder pain is from the tissue being disturbed and it attaches to things pulling on what ever till absorbed by the body, which I found out was common too. But do they tell you this so you are prepared, of course not!
Makes me feel like writing a paper, Things that are common after surgeries! Anyone interested in doing that one with me! :)
Anyhow, I have been unable to focus, my energy is way low, erratic, I am now sweating like a water fall off and on during the day. Mostly when doing physical things. I am having more trouble remembering things, things that should be a Habit for me.
Another good description is I feel disconnected to myself and life around me.
So I feel like forming consistent habits is not my trouble, its just remembering somethings that should not be hard to remember and these health issues.
It's all this!
Am I making sense here?
I started this Reflexology Ear Therapy a friend is certified in for my sciatica as I was loosing SO much sleep with it. I went to Physical therapy recommended by the Doc. They told me they could not help me with this. At the same time she found the blood in my urine and set me up with a specialist in that area. He found that there was no longer any blood there and that inside of my bladder looked young and healthy.
They left me at Zero and then they wanted to send me to a Pain therapist who helps you learn to deal with pain.
I had to cancel that apt., when the bill's for the others came in, which were NO help but you still get a bill right! Not wanting more bill's and no help I figured I better wait till I paid the first off.
But that is when my friend suggested the Reflexology Eat Therapy.
It is helping my Sciatica, which was encouraging and surprising at the same time. It is very affordable as well. It was doing great, but then I didn't get in every 2 weeks like she suggested (every week takes the affordable out of it) and I went 3 week's plus, was not good. So I am back on it and after one session it is showing signs of helping me again. I wont miss an apt., with her again. I will keep it up till my sciatica is all better, then I can stop it.
But I was talking to another friend who is a Massage Therapist about the heat waves, the bladder pain, the sciatica, my energy loss, weight, memory etc.. all I could come up with that I have noticed and how frustrated I was.
She told me a couple things to try and showed me this book by Donna Eden where she gave me the information from.
She said she was going to be holding a class on Energy Medicine, which is what this book was all about. Working with your bodies energy and the earth.
I Love things that are natural, I take no medications and would like to keep it that way. To many people depend on a pill for everything now day's. I don't want to do that. I want to keep my pill free life. :)
I missed the first class, due to reasons I don't remember now.
But this last week on Thursday I attended there second class. I went early so she could catch me up on what they did in the first class. Was so much fun, we all had a great time and learned at the same time.
I have had this jelly fish looking skin type substance in the outside corners of my eyes for a long time now (few years). I check my eyes every morning to see if it is getting larger, if my eyes are less discolored, red, and the "Jelly" skin is getting bigger or just my eyes looking worse in general. But Saturday morning when I was looking and doing my check on them, I found it was just about gone, there was just a small piece so to speak left showing. I pulled my eye open, thinking it was maybe under the lid further in the corner for a change. It was not. The whites of my eyes were the whitest they have been in years, my eyes were not discolored at the base and the redness and vein lines were about back to normal. My eyes usually look a bit gooey, not sure hoe else to say that one, and it too was about gone. Was a surprise and shock for sure.
By that evening they were back to where they were.
But I started this class of practicing reconnecting your energy points, connecting to the earth, energy medicine, Meridians and what have you, I am not sure what to call it or how to say it quite yet. But this took place just a couple days after I began to practice and learn this from, my first session of learning. I started this class hoping to reconnect with myself better and to get re-energized.
My eyes were the last thing I had on my mind. It's so unreal!
Even though they went back I knew there was something wonderful going on.
I thought maybe I slept better? My husband sleep's on the couch the night's he does not works so I can try to get some good sleep. He snores loud and odd and it disturbs my sleeping horribly. Friday he was on the couch. So I thought let's see what happened Saturday night when he is in bed keeping me awake. I get a bit more sleep after he gets up, but it's never been enough to do such things before.
Well, this morning I found my eyes clear again!
This has given me great hope. I am not discouraged but very encouraged that as I learn more, and for the eyes, that it will only get better and will at some point not come back, that my eyes will stay clear and "Jelly fish skin" will not be there anymore. That it will be permanent for me.
I do already feel a slight shift in my energy and will watch to see if it is actually helping this as well.
Needless to say, I have ordered the 2 books she ~Donna Eden~ has written along with the help of her husband. I ordered her "Kit" too which I am not sure what it has in it, but I do know it has a DVD which will help show me the moves and Meridians much clearer then the book. I am not waiting for the class to hit some of the areas I am interested in. I may be able to add good information during the class if I can read up on some of the ones I want to learn before hand and that at some point we will hit later in the class.
It has been sometime sense something has gotten me excited like this. I felt this way when I finished my children's book, the accomplishment of that gave me a sense of excitement and thrill. (I am sure if I ever get it published that will do the same) So did having my kitchen torn out when we started remodeling over 3 years ago. (it's slow for sure $$)
I was wanting to take a class and learn how to do the Reflexology Ear Therapy but I feel so drawn to this. The ear therapy is helping my sciatica and I wont stop it till it has completed it's task. But I don't want to take the class to learn it, least not right now. I feel this energy healing is where I am to be right now. They say God can not be seen, but that he is a powerful energy and light. So I feel like I am tapping into him and what he made us of. I guess I feel more of a connection.
Funny as that is what I am looking for in myself ~ A Connection.
I am going to keep this blog and write down all I experience and have happen, how I feel etc.. I will keep track of my daily energy routine they gave me to practice with this class on "Energy Healing. I will get a modified core work out going that I can easily do each day. I will continue to drink my water and make sure to drink my "K" tea as well not to forget my elliptical. I was going to try a body cleanings with the Ear Therapy lady, but with surgery less then a year past and this new class I am going to call her and let he know I think it's best health wise if I wait for something so dramatic to do and see where this takes me first.
Lord knows I do not need more challenges.
OK, this is a long start to getting back to my blog, but I want this for my mental record keeping so I can read back and see where I have come from and where this has taken me.
Blessings to anyone who Read's this.
May you feel enlightened to do more for your own health and well being.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Am Back!

Well, I tried the Sparks page to continue my consistent habits and in
just 1 and 1/2 months it blew most of all I had accomplished right out the window!! I did keep up with my water drinking, but that was about it!
Unreal, surprised the heck out of me.
I think it is due to the fact that the sight has so much on each page you open and logging in food and work outs just took forever. Most of the time I could not find the home made foods I made to even list them or correctly and I could not find things to list in the work out area for all the house cleaning I do.
I ended up not doing my core, my elliptical was more off them on. I was about ready to start weight's and you can guess what happened there~ Nothing!!
I have gained a few more pounds sense I went there too, not exactly what the sight is to do for you.

So here I am. Back to writing myself.

I am keeping the Sparks page as they have great helper insights, recipes, different work outs if looking for new and great health info. But I am just not one that does well with there track keeping. The time It took me to do things on the sight took away from my time which I have little of to do my work outs.
I have a new double batch of tea to pour off today, I have been drinking it sporadically, my son has done better with it. So I will get regular with it again.
I for some reason feel more responsible to myself here I guess then I did there.
I am going to keep better flow with my work outs. Doing the elliptical most day and taking just one or two off from it a week. I want to rotate lower body work outs with upper weight ones. Then get a nice easy timely set of core and lower back strengthening work out that can be done daily to get and keep my core strong, but not take up so much time that I don't want to do them.

I carry my weight all over so I don't look like I weigh the close to 200 lb's that I am. But I grow out of ALL my clothes with this, where as some I know due to carrying it in just the upper or lower part of the body.
I am going to be starting this class in Energy Medicine, working with ones
own energy.
I will try to keep a log of my findings and what happens.
I had this written some time back and am just now getting back to my blog.
Talk about blown habit's!!
Now it's not so much making habits as it is getting myself to remember better and to increase my energy flow, being healthier, more connected to myself and the earth. Mostly connecting my body's energy to work like it should!
After all we are not just mostly water as they say, but we are energy!
Makes sense as water does make energy as well.
So I am going to publish this and then write my finding's on the Reflexology Ear Therapy I have been trying and this new Energy Healing I am learning.